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Discover NCCS

NCCS exists to glorify God by assisting parents in training their children to be Biblically-minded servant-leaders through a Reformed, Christ-centered, classical education.


Our Vision

We envision New Covenant Christian School graduates who have a Biblical worldview that encompasses all of life and who are equipped and eager to take their place as servant-leaders in the world. As classically educated men and women with a life-long love of learning, they possess broad knowledge, clear reasoning, true wisdom and the ability to communicate truth persuasively. In every area of life, they recognize, appreciate and spread truth, goodness and beauty to the glory of God.


Our Story

NCCS began in 1999 and continues to be a ministry of New Covenant Presbyterian Church (OPC); we are housed in its building and are blessed by its vigorous support. NCCS is comprehensively classical, courageously Christian, connected to the church, and engaged in in character cultivation. 

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